The building process has began!!   
4/21/2016  Laying out the building slab.
4/22/2016           Ready to pour the footings.
6/8/2016  Finally the rain has stopped and the plumbers are able to start putting in the pipes!
Rebar in, ready for
6/17/16   Concrete poured!  We have a foundation!
6/28/16  Boring for water.
7/5/16  The metal building pieces are here!!!
7/5/16  Beams are going up.
7/7/16   It's coming together quickly!!
7/11/2016    We have windows!!!!
                        7/20/16 The walls are up and the roof is coming along
          Front view                                                          Back view

Bare bones inside.  
Nothing but the plumbing
for the Mens and
Women's bathrooms!  

Two bathrooms makes me
10/3/2016  Electric being
pulled to the building.
    10/12/2016  Inside framing is almost complete!